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    1. 86-18966266068 18958883088

      Wenzhou Bohang Machinery Co., Ltd

            Wenzhou Bohang Machinery Co.,Ltd is a high-tech packing-machinery manufacture enterprises which integrates the research and development,production,sales,and service.Exporting over five continents,our product received great praises from guests all around the world.The long-time study of machinery manufacture and reserve of technical talents lay a solid foundation for our innovation and further development.
      Our company specializes in manufacturing paper-plastic packaging machine which integrates the research and development,the production and sales into one.Our products can be appl...
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      Specialized in Aluminum-plastic Packaging Machine, Paper-plastic Packaging Machine, Cartoning Machine, Paper Straw Machine And Other Fields
      Support Hotline:1896626606818958883088

      Cooperation brands, Supported By Many Famous Enterprises

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